12 Tours to Make Your Nashville Visit Memorable

If you want to visit Nashville, there are so many things to do you can’t fit them all.  Luckily, I have distilled some of the best tours into 12 of the best.  Even if you can’t make them all, they offer fun and activity so that you never have a dull moment or waste an opportunity to experience the sights and sounds.  If you want to see a specific main attraction or if you want to experience the whole city within one tour, Nashville has got you covered.  What’s the best thing about this?  These 12 tours are some of the best and are only the tip of the iceberg with even more unique and interesting tours to find.


Tour #1: Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is one of Nashville’s biggest attractions.  You can also purchase a tour and go backstage to get a feel on how shows are produced.

Tour #2:  Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium tour is also a Nashville favorite and gets high reviews as one of the most excellent and informative tours in the city.  It’s worth the trip.


Tour #3:  Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The Country Music Hall of Fame is Nashville, TN.  It’s got everything that makes Nashville a great place to visit.  If you don’t like country, you might be a country music lover by the time you leave.

Tour # 4:  RCA Studio B

If you really want to see where some of the hottest Nashville actions has occurred, check out RCA Studio B to give you a live and time feel of what it might be like to be a country music star.

Tour # 5:  Fontanel Mansion

Fontanel Mansion is also a great experience if you want to see the side of Nashville that’s country, rich, and fabulous.

Tour # 6:  Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

This is a great historical tour and is very educational.  Step into history and visit a place where one of the country’s most famous presidents spent his time.

Tour # 7:  Opry Land Hotel Gardens

This is a great and relaxing tour.  If you are looking for a low impact nature experience, a little beauty, with the proper amount of southern grace and charm, schedule this tour.

Tour # 8:  The Johnny Cash Museum

The only thing bad about this museum is that is over the top in memorabilia.  But that’s not really a bad thing and most people come away from the tour loving it, and with more souvenirs than they originally planned to buy.

Tour # 9:  Downtown Nashville

Nashville’s a big place to get into all at once or all on your own.  The Downtown Nashville tour will give you what you need of the city to help you figure out your likes and dislikes among all the sights and sounds.

Tour # 10:  Bicentennial Capital Mall State Park

This is another great nature experience with excellent acoustics if you want something a little different from downtown and the night life.

Tour # 11:  Cummerbland Carriage Tours

These fun carriage tours are really one of those little things that give the city so much life and character.  If you ever wanted to ride on a horse and buggy like they did one hundred years ago, then you might want to check out this tour to have an unforgettable Nashville memory.

Tour #12:  Nashville Bike Tour

This is a super fun and new tip of tour that incorporates exercise and clean transportation into the tour.  If you want a super healthy Nashville tour, or if you need to work off eating your way through a couple of restaurants, this is your badge of courage to say you biked through the whole city.


7 Guaranteed Good Time Spots in Nashville

So you want have a good time?  If you want to have a good time in Nashville then check out this fail proof list of all time good time spots.  There are a whole lot of good times to be had in Nashville if that’s what you want to do.  So there’s never a chance for the blues unless you want some music and good food with that too.

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Good Time Spot #1:  Honky Tonk Bar Pass

The best good time spot in Nashville is Nashville.  Get on the Honky Tonk Bar Pass to tap into the rich Music City best sights and visit some great bars that always have some good music rolling.  A city with this many bars must be doing a whole lot of music making.  The Honky Tonk Bar Pass is the perfect excursion to get you in the right mood for a serious of good times in the big city.


Good Time Spot #2:  Tootsies Orchid Lounge

This tiny little hole in the wall is dazzling with Nashville history.  You know what they say, if those walls could talk…Well, at tootsies all the great memories are written right on the wall you can know the great moments that passed through that place.  And tootsies is still in the great moment making business, so check out some great music while you’re there.


Good Time Spot #3:  Hatch Show Print Tour

Hatch Show Print is Nashville history because they were the first to print some of the advertisements for country music and rock n’ roll greats.  They are still an up and running print company, and there’s a sweet tour to get a taste of a hand quality printing operation.

Good Time Spot #4:  Loveless Café

The Loveless Café is basically Nashville tradition.  It’s the best way to go for a good down home, deep southern breakfast with helpings the size of Tennessee.  So if you need a little tender loving care in a down home southern food kind of way then visit this tiny monument and soak up the deep home love.  This place has a little bit of soul from a world of country greats.  They have their own mini-version of the Opry on a little variety show called Music City Roots, so you might have a good time, just being in the atmosphere.

Good Time Spot #5:  Robert’s Western World

If want to go to the bar that used to be a guitar shop that first made the pedal steel guitar then you want to check out Robert’s Western World.  The pedal steel guitar is the special instrument that gives country music its signature whiney sound.  It’s a little sweaty, a little beer-soak, and a whole lot of country.


Good Time Sport #6:  Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame is Nashville.  If you want to visit Nashville, go here first and you can say you’ve been everywhere in Nashville.  It’s one of those historic places that isn’t boring and Nashville has a talent for turning historical moments to great jump off points for more music, fun and food.  So, if you want a little inspiration, to learn a little, and to feel the country music greatness flowing, then this visit could help you really have a good time wherever you go all over the city because you’ll know where everything came from and how everything came to be.

Good Time Spot # 7:  Trivia Bar Hop

How many bars does Nashville have?  Well, there’s a bunch of bars that offer trivia nights usually one night a week and that’s the best time to mingle and meet some Nashville interesting characters.


Planning Tips for Nashville, Tennessee

Planning a trip to Nashville is almost as fun as going.  There is so much information and so much to do it might be hard to narrow it all down in the little bit of time.  Thankfully, this helpful blog will show you how to get the best out of your trip through planning for spontaneity and the classic experiences the city has to offer.  In this section, I break down the planning into perspectives from which different people might plan a trip.  You can mix and match to fit your styles and taste, but here are some amazing ideas of how to make trip to Nashville standout as a great experience and fun memory.

happy young relaxed  couple working on laptop computer at modern home indoor
happy young relaxed couple working on laptop computer at modern home indoor

Tip For Couples Planning:

For couples, the best tip is to find a hotel that is specifically themed for romantic getaways.  This is includes spas, resorts, and some of the older establishments.  There is so much to do within the city that a trip to the country side is a great way to balance the sights and the sounds, kind of like taking a sip of water before tasting a new wine of glass.

Tip for Family Planning:

There are some sweet, kid friendly themed restaurants and little warm village spots across the city that make Nashville ideal to bring along kids.  The best avenue for families is to look for warm spots that also know how to put on a show, such as dinner theaters and river cruises.


Tip for Professional Traveling:

If you are traveling to Nashville on business, there’s a little of bit of everything to get into.  There are some great sports bars all across the city for a great wind down. There are some exquisite and upscale dining experiences for business meetings and some great art galleries to explore your horizons and mingle.  Of course, there are some great tourist packages and guides available as well.

Tip for Artists:

Nashville is beginning to dive in the arts as well as in the music.  Already, there are artistic neighborhoods popping up and the city has been one of the best friends to artists since the invention of the pedal guitar.  Nashville is a great place to start a career or continue a career in performance, of explore how new forms of art intersect with the changing landscape of a classic city.

Tip for Foodies:

Foodies have it pretty easy in Nashville. There are so many fine dining and unique restaurants, lounges, and bars, foodies could and should choose an area of culinary focus and dive deep into it to find Nashville’s hidden treasure.  There are the places made famous through history and artistry, then there are the silent pleasures part of the fabric that make character and art.  Foodies have a real opportunity to savor tastes due to the high abundance of eating out experiences in the city.   Saffire, a restaurant that specializes in local produce and professional dining experiences, is a great example of the specific king of delicacies you can find in Nashville.


If you want to meet new people and make new friends: There are some great bars like M.L Rose and some off the beaten path hangouts in neighborhoods like the gulch that are perfect for making friends a variety of people. Generally, Nashville people are friendly and the bar scene makes it easier for people to meet.

The purpose of these little tips is to encourage careful planning and narrowing of focus to get the most rewarding experience of the city.  It is also to show you that Nashville is a place that welcomes everyone and is a friendly place where you can make yourself at home in no time.



Nashville Fun Activities for the Family

Nashville is a great place to vacation or raise a family.  There are tons of activities to do for families across the city and many venues cater to family and family friendly experiences.  There are some amazing learning opportunities in music, finance, food, culture, and parks and recreation.  The city regularly produced literature about its business sector achievements and there are some great artist wellsprings happening across the city, bringing an entirely new vibe to the music capital.  There are also places that are pure treats for good rewards, a good vacation, or simply a good time with loved ones.  These activities are for families of all ages and really provide a warm a lively atmosphere to a hip and happening city.  If you are looking for some of the best place and activities for families, then check out this list to find out what to do and where to go to create some lasting treasures for the family album.


1.     Pancake Village

The restaurant is called the Pancake Pantry but it is located in a quaint little shopping corning of Nashville filled with ninaks and one-of-kind shopping items.  Every good day starts with a good breakfast and one of the best are some of the Pancake Pantry’s signature and famous pancakes.  If you don’t mind above average size lines, you can get to experience a great atmosphere that follows a pancake theme.


2.     Aquarium Restaurant

This restaurant, located in a mall, is a really fun and cool place to eat that kids are sure to love.  It is an aquatic-themed restaurant with a great menu for adults and for kids.

3.     Dinner Theater for the Family

Dinner theater is a great evening dining experience for families.  It provides more than the usual entertainment in nice, finely kept settings that are friendly and appropriate for families.  Dinner cruises on the river are also popular destination activates for families.

4.     Museums

The best museum is by far the Country Music Hall of Fame.  No trip to Nashville is complete without learning a little bit about country music and how important it is to the culture and life of Nashville.  In fact, many of the small lounges and restaurants are also historical places and there an interesting little map that forms when you visit these entire place and realize the steps taken to make history.  It’s a fun adventure with loads of experience.  And check out some of the print shops and record shops too, as you can find replicas, memorabilia galore, especially at the newish Johnny Cash Museum.


5.     Historic Sites

There is a large historical replica of the Greek Pantheon that adds to Nashville’s oddity.  It is a great place to learn history and to visit the ancient world in America’s backyard.  There are also statures of famous personalities peppered throughout the city and in the country side there are old home tours to visit that give you a since of Nashville’s background.


6.     Parks and Recreation

No family time is really complete without quality time with loved ones in nature.  Just outside of Nashville are a host of wonderful trails and picnic areas for a low key bolding experience.  Inside the city, there a couple of parks and gardens, but the real sweet spots surround the city on the countryside.

7.     Indie Bookstores

There are a couple of independent bookstores with charm across the city. Independent bookstores are not always common in cities and Nashville is lucky to have stores that understand that unique book finds are also fun like unique record one-of-kind collectable finds.


Best Sports Bars in Nashville Tennessee

Nashville has a wide variety of bars, not just honky tonks.  Some of the bars are packing some really unique flavor and are part of a little neighborhood scene and others are just regular places to watch a game.  Be prepared though, because some the best of Nashville’s sports bars fill up quick, so you need to know a little bit about each one to figure out if it’s what you are looking for.  Many of the bars are located near other restaurants and different bars, so if you want to stroll around or hop from place to place, you can get that in a couple of different places.  There’s a couple of distinct flavors to each bar, so I’m going to give you a little run down for the best ones, so you know what’s up:


1.     Beyond the Edge

If you want beer options, you’ve got them with Beyond the Edge.  This bar carries over 125 beer options and is in Five Points, a happening place in East Nashville that hosts several bars and restaurants and a perfect place for getting into different scenes for a night on the town. Beyond the Edge also has 25 TVS, so the game watching is always on point.


2.     Double Dogs

It is a family friendly sports bar and a smoke free environment.  They have lots of TVs and do a big projection on the wall for the big games.  It’s a fun and lively place with a clean cut appeal.  It’s one of the newer places but already fairly popular.


3.     Johnathan’s Grille

Johnathan’s Grill has five locations in Nashville and is one of the more popular, cool locations, with 45 televisions at each spot.  It’s a great place to catch a game in a great, clean environment and food that can compete with some of the top restaurants in Nashville.


M. L. Rose

This is a bar with a serious local feel in West Nashville.  It’s a really great hangout spot for meeting friends and two locations within the city.  They have some great burgers, so if you’re just looking for a regular place to eat M.L. Rose is a great choice.  There’s a huge outdoor area too and lots of arcade games.


5. Belcourt Taps

This is not a sports bar but a great place to tailgate before you head to your favorite bar for a game.


6.  Sam’s

This is a great bar that’s a local favorite.  Not a lot of bells and whistles, just a good time and a good place to catch a Sunday game.

7.  Acme Feed & Seed

This bar has a rooftop bar and you’ll always find a TV.  If you want some out the park views of the city then this is the place to go.  There are two stories plus the rooftop and if you really want to watch the game then the second floor is the best.  I recommend this place as a general feel of Nashville’s sports bar scene.  So, if you want to visit Nashville, definitely add this bar to your list.

There are several variety of sports bars to choose from in Nashville.  Some have a college football feel and there are off course bars that are fans of specific teams.  You can find a Packer’s bar or a Seahawks bar if those are your teams.  And if you want to watch racing then there are couple of bars that are good for that, especially, M.L. Rose where there’s generally more of a variety of people, so a wider variety of sports tastes.

Top 10 Nashville Dining Favorites


Nashville has some of the best food in the country.  There’s so much to taste, you can plan a whole trip just about food and for food.  Experiences range from the mundane and regular little places that locals like to call a piece of home, to the fine dining collar only experiences, to the hole in the wall-off the beaten path-best food you’ve had in your life-type of places.  You can find all of the character and charm you can stand with just a little effort.  Or you can hop on a foodie tour, and let a professional tour guide show you around the best places to eat according to your tastes.  Here are some of the best places in my opinion to eat in Nashville:

  1. Loveless Café.  Do y’all say “oooweee” because if you don’t speak country, then by the time you leave this little spot on histories timescale, you are going to say, “Now, I know what they are talking about when they say down home cooking.”  The Loveless Café is a priceless Nashville traditional eatery with its own radio show and helpings of all the southern fixings about size to a small European vehicle.  This place is where you go to eat southern charm and that recipe is secret.
  2. Dinner Theater. So dinner and a movie is what they do over there, but in Nashville, dinner means smoking hot live music and unforgettable entertainment.  Nashville’s dinner theaters are perfect experiences for couples or families to have a whole lot of atmosphere and night time fun, where the food and the music quality are one.
  3. City Food Tour. There’s a couple of tours you can take if you want a taste of a little everything.  You can go on one of the walk through strolls that give you taste of Nashville’s finest restaurants.  In addition, you can find tours dedicated to specialty brews and wines that have become local signature favorites.  The quickest way to experience Nashville charm, class, and style is through food.
  4. Dine on the River. That’s right.  You can take a showboat tour and dine on the river, accompanied by dazzling live performances.
  5. The Pancake Pantry. The Pancake Pantry is a fun but very busy place.  They always have a line and there’s a reason why.  Because there are certain facts about life and one of those facts is that there does not exist a bad time for pancakes.

  1. Mangia Nashville. This is one of those extravagant spots with a casual atmosphere and an upper scale price.  It’s located in Franklin, about 20 miles outside of Nashville, but many people go to Franklin for its top-notch food, so it’s worth checking into because there are some one of a kind places to find.
  2. Specialty dessert shops. There are a couple of specialty dessert shops that would have you thinking that you just tasted a little slice of heaven.  Try out GiGi’s Cupcakes or Sweet CeCe’s if you have a sweet tooth.
  3. Great Mexican Food. Check out Sopapilla if you want to try Mexican food through its evolution of cuisine. You can also check out Saint Anejo’s, which has the world’s best guacamole, right in little old Nashville, TN.
  4. Sometimes a burger is all you need and the city is populated with a couple of hit-the-spot-good burgers joints, so check out Jack’s Barbeque or The Pharmacy if you want some classic burgers.
  5. Fun for the Kids. Aquarium Restaurant is a great place to take the kids if you want to have a unique and cool atmosphere.


5 Unforgettable Nashville Romantic Moments

If you want to plan the perfect Nashville romantic getaway, these five spots will surpass your expectations and help you live it up to make it one of the best experiences you’ve ever had.  Nashville’s dinning; hotels, tours, and nightlife are primed for romantic couples seeking a bit of smooth, yet thrilling fun.  There’s something for every couple’s taste throughout the city and always an activity that will never leave you with a dull moment.


Perfect Romantic Getaway Moment #1:

Nashville Nights. Lights Motor Coach and Honky Tonk Tour will give you a taste of the city and help you dive right in on the fun.  Without wasting a second, this tour promises to uplift the spirits and get you involved in what the Nashville country music scene is all about.  Even for couples who are not a fan of country music, this tour is also about living it up with the people who do.  Sometimes the best experiences are made because fans are joyful and friendly too.  If you are looking for some enthusiastic fun to kick off a nice romantic vacation, this tour is a great opening to a perfect getaway that promises to make a memory of two filled with a couple of laughs, a whole lot of fun, some good food, and some good company.


Perfect Romantic Getaway Moment # 2:

The Omni Nashville Hotel.  By far one of the best in the city and if you are looking for the perfect place to pamper your sweety, then this extravagant excursion into the perfection of southern delicacy and grace that has met and happily married the sweet nightlife of a city that knows how to get down is the right spot for you.  The hotel offers romantic getaway packages of varying range to help you cut down on the time of seeking to put all together yourself.  So with a little spa, some fine dining, and rooms designed for romance, this might be just the ticket to setting up a dream experience.


Perfect Romantic Getaway Moment #3:

Two Words:  Showboat Baby!  That’s right.  Nashville’s paddleweheel riverboat will give you some flashbacks without the general monotone of a historical visit.  If you want some entertainment, good food, a serene float on the river, and some dazzling county music made to please, then look for the General Jackson Showboat Lunch and Dinner Cruises.  What’s best is that this little adventure is also family friendly.  So if you want to plan a family vacation with some romantic interludes to put a little fire in the relationship, then look for this sizzling opportunity for fun.


Perfect Romantic Getaway Moment # 4:

If you want a ready-made tour that will give you a taste of a little bit everything the city has to offer, try out the Taste of Nashville Culinary Good Walking Tour to introduce you to some of the legendary spots and get you familiar with the local scene.  It’s a great excuse to exercise while intentionally spending about two hours eating your way through an entire city with good people and lots of laughs.  Report after report from locals and tourists always say the folks are real nice and friendly, so what better way to spend an evening meal than to make a stroll through the finest dining experiences and tastes you can only find in Nashville, TN.


Perfect Romantic Getaway Moment #5:

Wanna be on TV?  There’s a surprise line for an unforgettable romantic adventure.  Well, on this tour you can visit the site where they film the popular “Nashville” TV show and get a taste of the sets.  No guarantees for instant stardom, but exploring the film scene in Nashville is a great way to hop on over to Ryman Auditorium and Bluebird Café to hit up some of the classic spots that everyone has to go to at least once to say they’ve been to Nashville.  This tour is a light breezy tour but almost feels like you’re in an amusement park, so the stress is low and the smooth sailing is high.  It’s the perfect tour to plan if you want to just have a delightful time without a whole lot of fuss, but still with a little style.

7 Irresistible Reasons to Travel to Nashville

Reason #1:  Nashville is the Capital of Country Music

Nashville’s music scene is one of the most famous in the country.  Nashville played a key historical role in the development of blues, soul music, rock n’ roll, and country, where multiple record companies have produces stars.  The little dives and popular bars throughout the city host newcomers hoping to make it big, indie artists of all types, and some old heads who’ve made it big.  Concerts featuring big artists are common and you can always find something interesting to hear just walking down the street.  Between the bars and the big concert halls, the city has put a lot of work into making it the country music capital of the US.


Reason # 2:  Nashville has the best food in the country

There are a bunch of local favorites scattered throughout the city.  Where there is a lot of fun to be had, there is a lot of food.  Haitte B’s is a popular local favorite with hot chicken and pimento mac n cheese being a top seller.  Down in the Gulch, a hipster neighborhood that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere, you can find some top notch guacamole at Saint Anejo’s.  Good burgers at Burgers Up always draw a crowd, but they’re worth the wait.  Just outside the city, you can take a quick twenty minute drive to Frankiln where you can find a hip local scene of food and shopping.  There’s a whole lot always going on at Pinewood Social, if you like your brunch with bowling and booze, as most people prefer.  Okay, not everyone, but a lot of people.


Reason #3:  Nashville is home to a couple of stars

Names such a Little Richard and Taylor Swift are locals to Nashville, and fans might have a chance to see them just on a casual stroll.  There’s even a couple of tours where you can go peruse home’s of country music stars.

Reason #4:  Best Record Stores

If you are a collector or like old and vintage records, try Third Man’s record Store for a couple of one of a kind finds.  The Johnny Cash museum is little over the top with memorabilia, but has some neat gifts and replicas for folks who like the oldies but goodies.


Reason #5: Meriden’s in Franklin’s breakfast cinnamon rolls

Yes, I am telling you that cinnamon rolls is a valid and legitimate self-fulling reason to visit Nashville.  Those who have had these cinnamon rolls understand what irresistibility actually is.  They might not be the answer to all of life’s problems, but they solve a good 60% for a couple of minutes.

Reason #6:  It’s not just country music; it’s all good music and times.

Nashville has a couple of growing scenes for all types of music, lifestyles, and artistic expression.  If you enjoy art in general or if you’re more into smooth jazz you can find it in Nashville.  Then there’s a bunch of sports grills where you can just feel regular without all the high life and the music, but still with good beer, some good food, and some regular chill out time watching the game.  There’s some type of music for everyone in Nashville.

Reason #7:  The Specialty Brew

Nashville is starting to get a little famous just for beer and wine alone.  Where there’s so much music and fun, foodies and coinsures come out to compete, and the normal populace just has to figure out which of the beer masters are really worth the rave.  So if you are interested in locally produced beer and wine, then there’s an entire subscene of Nashville devoted to the love of good drinks and good times.