A Few Words



This blog is about Nashville, TN, home of Little Richard, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry House.  You will find places to go, things to do, and unforgettable Nashville experiences here.  I wrote this blog because I know a lot about Nashville and want to share some of the ways to have a good time in a classic city.  If you want to hit the city and have a blast the whole time you are there, this blog will help you plan a trip.  Even if you are from Nashville, this blog has little places off the beaten path that might give you some great ideas for interesting things to do.

If you really want the skinny on how to get around Nashville and get the best out of your time, each of the posts here will show you why Nashville is an irresistible place to cook up some good ole county fun.  There is much more to Nashville than meets the eye.  Most people have to be from Nashville or spend a lot of time there to figure out how to have a good experience all over the city.  But with the tips in this blog, you can cut your learning curve time down, figure out the best places to go, and find some sweet hang outs.

If you like food, this blog has the best spots for foodies.  If you want fun for the family, this blog will show you how to really make it memorable.  If you are looking to plan a romantic getaway, Nashville is the perfect place.  If you want to get into the nitty gritty no name dives where you might discover a legend in the making and be able to say, “Yeah, I saw that guy and knew he was going to chart the charts one day,” then check out the blogs here to figure out how to make a couple of good stories to tell friends.

If you want to find places to unwind after a professional trip, there are some great places across the city where you can unwind in style.  With great ideas on how to mingle and uplift the spirits all over the city, you might find a dive with some down home blues but you won’t be getting the blues when you figure out just want makes the Nashville life right.  If want to dance, learn how to county line dance, or get a couple of tattoos, then this blog will show you the best spots to live it up in Nashville.  Nashville is home to many different sub-cultures so if you want hipster, hip-hop, soulful, or international flavor you can find it with one of these little blog tips.  You can find enough in this blog to plan a couple of sweet nights with constant fun to keep the midnight train rolling.  For the daytime, you can find so much to do and see, the time you spend in Nashville will never see a dull moment.