1.     What are the best Nashville attractions?

Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, Honky Tonk Bars, The Pantheon, and the Johnny Cash Museum are some of the best and biggest attractions to city has to offer. A trip including these stops gets you a real taste of the sights and sounds of Nashville.

2.     What are the best places to eat in Nashville?

Loveless Café for the down home southern cooking and historical feel.  Saffire is a great professional dining experience dedicated to local produce.  The Pharmacy is a great burger joint and M.L Rose is a sweet sports bar with good food and little character.  There are some walk through strolls and tours that give visitors a chance to experience multiple restaurants simultaneously.

3.     Where are the best places to stay in Nashville?

Omni Nashville Hotel, The Inn at Fontane, Gaylord Resort and Convention Center, Union Station Hotel and Autograph Center, Hermitage Hotel just to name a few.  There’s some great resorts and spas connected to these hotels and others are well established, fine hotels.

4.     Where are the best places for professionals in Nashville?

There are tons of sports bars, lounges, and professional dining experiences that facilitate any degree of professional meetings or networking opportunities.  There are also a number of cultural attractions that may be of interest.

5.     Where are the best places to find good music in Nashville?

Finding good music in Nashville is easy from big names in country to new artists looking for their big break.  Some of the major auditoriums carry major attractions, and there are many bars that have live acts. Peppered across the city are small lounges where you can find some incredible talent.

6.     What makes visiting Nashville irresistible?

Music and food.  Nashville really does it up and has wonderful experiences to savor life.  There are so many different experiences and restaurants stringed together; the experience is really in finding something great on every corner in the areas known for the night life.  Nashville specializes in food at every turn, so your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options are highly varied from the upscale to the down home southern.

7.     What are the best romantic spots in Nashville?

The dinner theater and the dinner on the river are great romantic destinations for couples planning a vacation or trip to Nashville. The Omni Hotel has resort packages for couples that are interested in a little pampering in addition to the night life. The culinary walk tour is also a great opportunities for couples to experience the city.  There are some other tours that are also great romantic getaways, such as touring the set of the show “Nashville.”

8.     Where are the best places to shop in Nashville?

Nashville, of course, has a couple of malls.  Some of the quaint places for treasures are near the Pancake Pantry or in Franklin, about 20 minutes away from Nashville.  Other places are of course museums and print shops where you can get some replicas, memorabilia, or hand crafted advertisements like it was done in the 60s.