7 Irresistible Reasons to Travel to Nashville

Reason #1:  Nashville is the Capital of Country Music

Nashville’s music scene is one of the most famous in the country.  Nashville played a key historical role in the development of blues, soul music, rock n’ roll, and country, where multiple record companies have produces stars.  The little dives and popular bars throughout the city host newcomers hoping to make it big, indie artists of all types, and some old heads who’ve made it big.  Concerts featuring big artists are common and you can always find something interesting to hear just walking down the street.  Between the bars and the big concert halls, the city has put a lot of work into making it the country music capital of the US.


Reason # 2:  Nashville has the best food in the country

There are a bunch of local favorites scattered throughout the city.  Where there is a lot of fun to be had, there is a lot of food.  Haitte B’s is a popular local favorite with hot chicken and pimento mac n cheese being a top seller.  Down in the Gulch, a hipster neighborhood that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere, you can find some top notch guacamole at Saint Anejo’s.  Good burgers at Burgers Up always draw a crowd, but they’re worth the wait.  Just outside the city, you can take a quick twenty minute drive to Frankiln where you can find a hip local scene of food and shopping.  There’s a whole lot always going on at Pinewood Social, if you like your brunch with bowling and booze, as most people prefer.  Okay, not everyone, but a lot of people.


Reason #3:  Nashville is home to a couple of stars

Names such a Little Richard and Taylor Swift are locals to Nashville, and fans might have a chance to see them just on a casual stroll.  There’s even a couple of tours where you can go peruse home’s of country music stars.

Reason #4:  Best Record Stores

If you are a collector or like old and vintage records, try Third Man’s record Store for a couple of one of a kind finds.  The Johnny Cash museum is little over the top with memorabilia, but has some neat gifts and replicas for folks who like the oldies but goodies.


Reason #5: Meriden’s in Franklin’s breakfast cinnamon rolls

Yes, I am telling you that cinnamon rolls is a valid and legitimate self-fulling reason to visit Nashville.  Those who have had these cinnamon rolls understand what irresistibility actually is.  They might not be the answer to all of life’s problems, but they solve a good 60% for a couple of minutes.

Reason #6:  It’s not just country music; it’s all good music and times.

Nashville has a couple of growing scenes for all types of music, lifestyles, and artistic expression.  If you enjoy art in general or if you’re more into smooth jazz you can find it in Nashville.  Then there’s a bunch of sports grills where you can just feel regular without all the high life and the music, but still with good beer, some good food, and some regular chill out time watching the game.  There’s some type of music for everyone in Nashville.

Reason #7:  The Specialty Brew

Nashville is starting to get a little famous just for beer and wine alone.  Where there’s so much music and fun, foodies and coinsures come out to compete, and the normal populace just has to figure out which of the beer masters are really worth the rave.  So if you are interested in locally produced beer and wine, then there’s an entire subscene of Nashville devoted to the love of good drinks and good times.


This blog is about Nashville, TN, home of Little Richard, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry House

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