Kids and Nashville

Nashville contains some of the finest tourist destinations and if you are travelling with your children then rest assured that your children would not get bored in this wonderful piece of land. There are many playgrounds, parks and museums in the city which will be enjoyed both by you as well as your kids. In this article we will discuss the fun things which you can do in Nashville. We guarantee that these things will result as a source of enjoyment for you as well as your children.

Nashville Skyline by Night

Fun Things to do:

You can start with the centennial park as this place will offer you two things. The first thing is that the centennial park will allow your kids to feed the ducks and the second thing is that the famous Nashville Parthenon is situated very near to the park. The Nashville Parthenon is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city.

  • You can also enjoy the terrain ride with your children. The well-knownTennessee Central Railway Museum offers many such terrain rides. These rides consist of several themes such as train robbery, Thomas the Train and The Easter Bunny. These rides will be a unique experience for your children.
  • A nice place to take your kids is the water park. There are many famous water parks in the city and if you are visiting the city in the summer season then visiting these water parks is absolutely necessary for you. Werecommend you to visit the Wave Country water park. As compared to other parks this park is less crowded hence ideal to visit as well.
  • Your kids must be very fond of Baseball; well you can take them to Greer Stadium which is very near to the Fort Negley Park. Your kids can enjoy a baseball game in the stadium and after the match they can also meet the teams which played the match.
  • Apart from sports,kids are also fond of wild life which can be best enjoyed by them in the Nashville Zoo. This zoo is very much maintained and many animals can be seen here. The zoo also consists of a playgroundwhere your kids can enjoy for sure.


  • If you are visiting the city of Nashville in the fall months then do take your children to the corn maze. The corn maze contains many seasonal events which will be enjoyed by your kids. The events are home to several activities which are designed solely for the kids.

After reading this article you must have come to the conclusion that there are many things which you can do in Nashville and the place is ideal to go with your kids. The city welcomes tourist like you so if you are still confused about where to go in your next vacation then get rid of this confusion and select the city of Nashville in this regard. What we have mentioned in this article is just the tip of an iceberg, visiting the city will reveal to you its true offerings.

This blog is about Nashville, TN, home of Little Richard, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry House

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