Nashville Fun Activities for the Family

Nashville is a great place to vacation or raise a family.  There are tons of activities to do for families across the city and many venues cater to family and family friendly experiences.  There are some amazing learning opportunities in music, finance, food, culture, and parks and recreation.  The city regularly produced literature about its business sector achievements and there are some great artist wellsprings happening across the city, bringing an entirely new vibe to the music capital.  There are also places that are pure treats for good rewards, a good vacation, or simply a good time with loved ones.  These activities are for families of all ages and really provide a warm a lively atmosphere to a hip and happening city.  If you are looking for some of the best place and activities for families, then check out this list to find out what to do and where to go to create some lasting treasures for the family album.


1.     Pancake Village

The restaurant is called the Pancake Pantry but it is located in a quaint little shopping corning of Nashville filled with ninaks and one-of-kind shopping items.  Every good day starts with a good breakfast and one of the best are some of the Pancake Pantry’s signature and famous pancakes.  If you don’t mind above average size lines, you can get to experience a great atmosphere that follows a pancake theme.


2.     Aquarium Restaurant

This restaurant, located in a mall, is a really fun and cool place to eat that kids are sure to love.  It is an aquatic-themed restaurant with a great menu for adults and for kids.

3.     Dinner Theater for the Family

Dinner theater is a great evening dining experience for families.  It provides more than the usual entertainment in nice, finely kept settings that are friendly and appropriate for families.  Dinner cruises on the river are also popular destination activates for families.

4.     Museums

The best museum is by far the Country Music Hall of Fame.  No trip to Nashville is complete without learning a little bit about country music and how important it is to the culture and life of Nashville.  In fact, many of the small lounges and restaurants are also historical places and there an interesting little map that forms when you visit these entire place and realize the steps taken to make history.  It’s a fun adventure with loads of experience.  And check out some of the print shops and record shops too, as you can find replicas, memorabilia galore, especially at the newish Johnny Cash Museum.


5.     Historic Sites

There is a large historical replica of the Greek Pantheon that adds to Nashville’s oddity.  It is a great place to learn history and to visit the ancient world in America’s backyard.  There are also statures of famous personalities peppered throughout the city and in the country side there are old home tours to visit that give you a since of Nashville’s background.


6.     Parks and Recreation

No family time is really complete without quality time with loved ones in nature.  Just outside of Nashville are a host of wonderful trails and picnic areas for a low key bolding experience.  Inside the city, there a couple of parks and gardens, but the real sweet spots surround the city on the countryside.

7.     Indie Bookstores

There are a couple of independent bookstores with charm across the city. Independent bookstores are not always common in cities and Nashville is lucky to have stores that understand that unique book finds are also fun like unique record one-of-kind collectable finds.


This blog is about Nashville, TN, home of Little Richard, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry House

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