Places to visit: Nashville

If you want to visit a place which is rich with music history of the world then Nashville is the right destination for you.  The hallmarks of this great city are its health care, transportation, banking, educational institutes and tourist attractions. Based on what Nashville has to offer one must surely at least give a visit to this charming and beautiful piece of land.

An entire book will be required to explain the true potential of Nashville, however in this article we will be only discussing the tourist attractions which the city has to offer. There are many tourist destinations in the city with some related to recreation and many other related to history. The tourist destinations are discussed in the paragraphs below.


Tourist destinations: Nashville city

The tourist destinations are as follows

  • Parthenon:The first urban park of Nashville is Parthenon. The place is visited by many and its main feature is statue of Athena whose exact length is 42 foot. The statue is the perfect specimen of Greek architecture and is a great place for a photo session. The Parthenon is also an excellent location to visit if you want to see the work of the famous American artists that belonged to the 19th or the 20th Art shows and exhibitions are also held in Parthenon regularly.
  • Nashville Zoo:There are many things which you can enjoy in Nashville Zoo such as exploring the grand amazon, seeing the animal species and giving some dietto the Australian parrots. The zoo is a nice place where you can see the life style of wild animals like poisonous frog, Bengal tigers, African elephants, giraffes, gibbons, pandas and Meer cats etc. The zoo also consists of a park where you and your kids can have some fun.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame:In the beginning of this article we mentioned this fact that Nashville is a place rich with music history. Well the place which best depicts the music history is Country Music Hall of Fame. There are many personal belongings of some of the famous musicians like Elvis available at this highly visited tourist attraction.


  • Adventure science center: one of the places which you should visit with your children while you are in Nashville is adventure science center. The place is a science museum which consists of at least 175 exhibits of interactive nature. The exhibits are more related to biology, visual perception, mind, energy and earth science. The building of the museum is very spacious with 44,000 square feet of space. The museum also consists of an adventure tower whose height is 75 foot.

There are many other tourist destinations as well which you can visit in Nashville such as Grand Ole Opry Museum, Nashville War Memorial Auditorium, Bicentennial Mall State Park and Tennessee State Capitol Building. All these place are worthy of visit and each of these places or tourist destinations have something unique to offer. We hope this article will serve as a rich source of information for you.

This blog is about Nashville, TN, home of Little Richard, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry House

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