Top 10 Nashville Dining Favorites


Nashville has some of the best food in the country.  There’s so much to taste, you can plan a whole trip just about food and for food.  Experiences range from the mundane and regular little places that locals like to call a piece of home, to the fine dining collar only experiences, to the hole in the wall-off the beaten path-best food you’ve had in your life-type of places.  You can find all of the character and charm you can stand with just a little effort.  Or you can hop on a foodie tour, and let a professional tour guide show you around the best places to eat according to your tastes.  Here are some of the best places in my opinion to eat in Nashville:

  1. Loveless Café.  Do y’all say “oooweee” because if you don’t speak country, then by the time you leave this little spot on histories timescale, you are going to say, “Now, I know what they are talking about when they say down home cooking.”  The Loveless Café is a priceless Nashville traditional eatery with its own radio show and helpings of all the southern fixings about size to a small European vehicle.  This place is where you go to eat southern charm and that recipe is secret.
  2. Dinner Theater. So dinner and a movie is what they do over there, but in Nashville, dinner means smoking hot live music and unforgettable entertainment.  Nashville’s dinner theaters are perfect experiences for couples or families to have a whole lot of atmosphere and night time fun, where the food and the music quality are one.
  3. City Food Tour. There’s a couple of tours you can take if you want a taste of a little everything.  You can go on one of the walk through strolls that give you taste of Nashville’s finest restaurants.  In addition, you can find tours dedicated to specialty brews and wines that have become local signature favorites.  The quickest way to experience Nashville charm, class, and style is through food.
  4. Dine on the River. That’s right.  You can take a showboat tour and dine on the river, accompanied by dazzling live performances.
  5. The Pancake Pantry. The Pancake Pantry is a fun but very busy place.  They always have a line and there’s a reason why.  Because there are certain facts about life and one of those facts is that there does not exist a bad time for pancakes.

  1. Mangia Nashville. This is one of those extravagant spots with a casual atmosphere and an upper scale price.  It’s located in Franklin, about 20 miles outside of Nashville, but many people go to Franklin for its top-notch food, so it’s worth checking into because there are some one of a kind places to find.
  2. Specialty dessert shops. There are a couple of specialty dessert shops that would have you thinking that you just tasted a little slice of heaven.  Try out GiGi’s Cupcakes or Sweet CeCe’s if you have a sweet tooth.
  3. Great Mexican Food. Check out Sopapilla if you want to try Mexican food through its evolution of cuisine. You can also check out Saint Anejo’s, which has the world’s best guacamole, right in little old Nashville, TN.
  4. Sometimes a burger is all you need and the city is populated with a couple of hit-the-spot-good burgers joints, so check out Jack’s Barbeque or The Pharmacy if you want some classic burgers.
  5. Fun for the Kids. Aquarium Restaurant is a great place to take the kids if you want to have a unique and cool atmosphere.


This blog is about Nashville, TN, home of Little Richard, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry House

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